Yellow Suede

Hey guys :) I took a little break from my blog but I’m back. I’ll be uploading older outfit pictures as well as Instagram OOTD’s and hopefully begin to create photo sets to match my outfits sometimes as well :D




I paired together neutral comfy layers for a laid back look and added my bright yellow suede vans to be the focal point.




Black, White, and Camo

Hey guys :)  here’s an outfit that I threw together before going out for a walk so I thought I’d share it with you.  It’s nothing crazy but I do love the camo jacket paired with the black and white t-shirt.


Baggy oversized shirts with tight pants are my favorite combination.  It’s definitely my go to look for this spring :3  I chose this black and white graphic t-shirt because I love the colors and this graphic next to the camouflage print. I cuffed the blue jeans so they wouldn’t bunch up at the ankles.



The sneakers are patent leather snakeskin Nike blazers. Hi-top sneakers look great with just about any outfit. I decided on these particular ones for this outfit because since the black tied into the t-shirt.


<3 xoxo, Yazz

Jacket: Topshop (here is a similar jacket since the one I’m wearing is sold out)


Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: Nike Blazers

Texture, texture, texture

Hey guys :) the idea for this post was an outfit that combined quite a few different textures of fabrics. So here it is:


I absolutely love the length and color of this knit sweater.  The stitching used makes it look sort of like a long coat and that made it easy to layer this piece.  I decided to add an unbuttoned blue denim shirt underneath for a pop of color and so that the outfit had a variety of fabrics.


Underneath the denim shirt I’m wearing a striped gray t-shirt.  I felt that the gray tones in both the sweater and the t-shirt mixed well with each other, without giving off a “matchy” vibe.  The denim shirt works to color block the cool tones.


I chose the “leather” (actually waxed) pants to add another textured fabric to the outfit.  The shine in the leather adds a nice touch to the overall cool neutral color palette, and it helps to pull out the hints of black in the knit sweater.


Finally, I’m wearing all white Adidas because I felt that the outfit needed a simple shoe that still tied the look together.  The bright white ties into the striped t-shirt and really completes the look.


<3 xoxo, Yazz

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack

Shirts: Banana RepublicForever 21

Pants: Madewell

Shoes: Adidas

Simple for Spring

Hey everyone :) Now that the weather’s finally getting warmer and I’m able to start taking pictures again (woohoo), I thought I’d show you guys a casual outfit for spring featuring my cropped jean jacket and converse. This look is casual, sporty, and comfy, yet put together.



Since the jean jacket is a darker wash, I added a black and white striped shirt underneath. I wanted to make sure I incorporated a little pattern in the shirt (not just a simple black shirt) so the look wasn’t completely dark.



The striped shirt is tucked into ankle length black skinny jeans. I’ve recently realized how great ankle length jeans are: they don’t bunch up at the bottom and crowd your ankles/feet, so it doesn’t take away from the shoe. I chose my grey/white converse to complete this outfit because of the neutral colors.  The white in the shoe ties into the stripes in the shirt, and the grey adds another neutral tone to the blue and black denim.


<3 xoxo, Yazz

Jacket: Lucky Brand

Jeans: Madewell

Shirt: Gap

Sneakers: Converse


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I was sick last week and I got my wisdom teeth removed this week >.< but I’m back on the blog!

So what’s my favorite 2014/2015 winter look?

……Long coats with sneakers :3


This might actually be my last blog post with my white coat since the weather is finally getting warmer (thank god). My other posts featuring this coat were a little more formal since I paired the coat with heels, so I decided that this outfit will be sporty and casual to show you how I utilize a dressy coat in a more laid-back look.


Originally, I wasn’t going to wear a scarf with this outfit, but the tan color of the scarf pulls out the carrot color in the shoe laces of these ASICS.


These shoes are part of the 2014 ASICS Christmas Pack (Snowman).  I love the cool grey tones throughout the shoe and how the orange laces (carrot nose :3 ) complement the cool colors so well.


Finally, I’m wearing a simple black shirt and black leggings to keep the outfit sporty and casual (I rarely ever wear leggings, but I’m starting to like how they look with sneakers).


<3 xoxo, Yazz

Coat: Forever 21

Leggings: VS Pink (the greatest leggings ever)

Shoes: Asics Christmas Pack (SnowmanSantaChristmas Tree)

Backpack: Timberland, but here is a very similar Herschel Supply backpack